Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pile the Miles - and Dressing for Success

Helen's favorite part of nearly every athletic activity is selecting proper attire. She was delighted, a few weeks ago, to don her running shorts and head out for a 1 mile run with Moms Run This Town (with kids, this time!). Luckily, she realized that the cool temps meant she'd need a little more than her tiny running shorts, and added a few layers to go with them.

We are so ready to run this town - and drink hot chocolate afterwards!
After our run, we made our official house "Pile the Miles" chart. I'm aiming to run 1,000 miles this year, Helen is going for 20 and Connor is going for 40. We scaled each chart separately, so that the tops of each of our columns are aligned. We carefully colored in our progress to date - and made plans for our next miles.  It looks like we all have a long way to go! We'll see how they look on December 31!


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