Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spring Camping

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went camping in Greenbrier State Park. One of the reasons we chose this campsite is because no matter when we go, the water always seems to be warm. That won't be the first thought that comes to mind the next time we try and figure out our camping plans!

Although it was about 90 degrees the weekend after Memorial Day (when Ed took Helen and Connor on the boy scout camp out), it was barely above freezing the first night we camped over Memorial Day. Ed and I tucked Helen and Connor into the two-person tent we schlepped through Alaska in 2001 with a total of three sleeping bags, an air mattress, and hats. Ed and I "slept" in our family tent that always allows a breeze in. Lucky for me, we have super warm sleeping bags from that same trip to Alaska that zip together, so I was able to steal some of Ed's body heat and keep from freezing. (Yes, mom, we packed our long pants - but not nearly enough of them!)

But that lake? We were bound and determined to visit it - even if we did need warm coats!

Next, we went fishing, where Connor caught the only fish of the trip.

And finally, we took a break from the biting cold (though it was getting warmer each day - and I understand on Tuesday, it was actually pleasant to be in the lake) and played BINGO.

Helen and Ed do not plan to enter any BINGO tournaments.

Connor was delighted to win a candy prize, and shared a bit of his booty with Helen and a friend who joined us for the last two days of our trip.

Our hammock made its maiden camping voyage where it doubled as both a lounger for Helen and a slingshot for all three children to play on. I still can't believe nobody did a header into the many rocks that were near the action. I'm still not sure whether we'll bring it with us again.

I think it took about two days before I finally felt warm again. And then local temps were pushing 100, and I instantly mourned the Spring that wasn't.


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