Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everybody Likes to be Treated Nicely

Helen loves babies. She lights up when one is around. If she hears one cry, she instantly asks me "Why that baby sad?". Typically, parents carry their babies up high enough that Helen can't get too close, but occasionally, they do not.

Last Saturday, during Connor's gymnastics class, a dad set his crawling but not yet walking baby on the floor. The baby proceeded to intersect with Helen's path, which caused Helen to instantly squat down to say hello. Entranced, Helen smiled as the baby smiled back. And then, Helen sneaked a quick kiss.

At this moment, I took a little breath and glanced nervously about, because I realize many parents do not want a random two year old kissing their baby. Perhaps this is the set of parents that don't allow their baby to crawl in a public space though because do you know what this dad said? He smiled at Helen, went to retrieve his daughter, and said "Everybody likes to be treated nicely.".

And that was it.

And I agree.

And thank you, Helen, for choosing to sneak in a quick kiss rather than a quick eye poke. You are, after all, two - and two year olds can be a bit unpredictable.


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