Monday, July 13, 2009

Dearly Departed

Our beloved minnow "Connor fish" died last Friday, the day before we went on vacation. I cannot believe I didn't record when Connor fish came into our lives, but it was sometime before Helen was born. The fish cost less than a dime, and the pet store owner fed me all this baloney about how I needed to keep the water a certain temperature, feed it a certain amount each day, etc.

Despite paying attention to none of these rules, Connor fish lived an impressive two years. Toward the end, Helen was pretty much the only family member besides me that noticed the fish, but the fish didn't seem to mind.

I alerted Connor to the fact that his namesake fish was not long for the world when I noticed the fish floating strangely. Helen hasn't mentioned the fish, so who knows if she even realizes it's gone.

Long ago, I struck a deal with Ed that he could get Connor a tadpole once the fish died, but Ed purchased "frog planet" before the fish had expired. At this point, the tadpoles are total duds. They've been in the house for at least six months and they still don't look much different from fish.

Yesterday, Ed took the little people to the pet store and they returned with two koi for our pond. Today, I noticed one of them darting around, but not the other. Tomorrow I'll do a little more investigative work to see what's up.

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