Saturday, July 7, 2007

Almost tasting victory

My dad has an amazing garden. Ed and I have a pathetic garden. This year, I thought things might be different because Connor is quite diligent at watering every night. And, for a while, things were looking pretty good. But then, Connor and I started doing other things after I got home in the afternoon, so the watering took a backseat. However, I never stopped watering the hydroponic system that holds two tomato plants. So this year, I can proudly announce that I have the FIRST of the family tomatoes that was ready to eat. I called my mom to break the news to her so that she could find a gentle way to tell my dad that this year – he is the LOSER in the first large tomato of the year contest. Sadly, by the time Ed picked the tomato later that day, it seems a bird had already decided it was time to eat that tomato. Guess this means my dad still has a chance to win the first family home-grown tomato actually eaten by the grower. Sigh.


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